Leveraging Technology for Business Growth Amidst Global Pandemic

There is no gainsaying that everyone is affected with the reigning pandemic called coronavirus (Covid-19). You, alongside your family, friends and relations are not excluded. We are all in a battle to regain our planet from an unseen enemy who has threatened so much instability.

However, the effect of the pandemic on us all are relative. This means that you are affected differently from the other persons. There are some common concerns to the situation anyway. These include but are not limited to the lockdown as imposed in some part of the world, temporary movement restriction, aviation ground down and so much more. You shouldn’t also forget that most businesses, hence global economy are much affected.

The pandemic is no respecter of business stature, big, small or medium. In one way or the other, every enterprises are feeling the adverse effect of the moment. The only existing difference is that you react to it differently based on available resources and how economically strong your business was before the pandemic. Even economically strong investments like in the case of aviation industry are already crumbling. There is therefore an urgent need to rescue every businesses especially the small and medium businesses with incredible processes alternatives.

Rescuing Your Business During Pandemic.

The one question on the lips of every investors including you now is perhaps the way out of the current instability. With several forecasts suggesting until 2021 before some glimpse of positives, creating a new normal across business lines seems to be the only solution.

What is therefore the new normal? It is simple. You must think differently, strategize differently and handle organizational tasks differently. How to do this is to look critically into what aspect of your business that are mostly affected with the unfortunate situation and creating intelligent as well as creative strategies to combat them. The most in-use method by many striving business during this time is technology.

Now, let’s get into it right away. Let us explore one after the other the most areas of businesses that are being affected by Covid-19 and how technology can come to the rescue.

Take Business And Executive Meeting Online.

Have you heard about the zoom boom? You will be forgiven if you have not. The truth is that zoom has never really been in global limelight until 2020. It is a video conferencing platform where you can have up to 50 people involved in a meeting once. Good right?! Maybe even better at this time. Generally, Information Technology is now more than useful for business innovations.

An economic report recently released that Zoom now worth well over the top 7 airlines of the world combined in terms of market capitalization. Why won’t it? The platform took center stage almost immediately after the break of the pandemic because businesses that never want to lose grip on their structure and stature see it as an alternative to physical contact meetings amidst lock-down and social distancing rule.

The truth is that businesses strive on strategies. Strategies have to be discussed by executives, supervisors and officials to take effect. Therefore, if any business allow any form of communication barrier hinder their strategy discussion because of coronavirus, such business will only have itself to blame. That being realized, most businesses have taken supposed contact meetings and communication to the digital via zoom. A new normal has simply been created. You have something to borrow here now if you already haven’t. There are so much alternative platforms to consider as well.

Choose Aggressive Digital Marketing.

You will be living in the past not to know already that smart investment technology is an indispensable key to ensuring greater business growth in this dispensation. This moment is a further prove of the above statement to you. At the moment, whatever traditional marketing platforms or strategies you have in place is as useless as the plan itself. People are at home in some part of the world, social distancing is being observed where there are movements. Then tell me how exactly you plan to execute your traditional marketing plan with effectiveness?

There is only one way out. Choose digital marketing. Organize digital campaigns of all relevant and effective sorts and, make sure you touch base with existing customers while generating new leads. Don’t forget. This is a period that your customers’ need you too. Making sure that you’re popping up as an emotional presence although virtually can go a long way in creating awesome bonds between you and them. Do not be surprised at all if you read the same report as me that Facebook is registering more use of its campaigns and promotions features. Why then should you be left out of the new normal being created?

You Need A CRM More Than Ever.

If you have handled your business just manually all these whiles, there are things you are doing wrongly and now you must know them. You need impactful business connection with your clients and customers. One of the highly working ways to get this done is by choosing a customer relationship management technology for your business.

There are various economic reports that CRM solutions have immensely positive impacts on businesses that have used them. There is no two ways about it. Implementing a CRM for your business works for its growth. It helps you to understand your prospects and customers to create scalable personalized experience with them. These are a few ways CRM will help your business at this time especially based on its history of positive impacts;

  • You get more connected to customer and prospects
  • Your average return on investment might just be increasing by at least $8.71 on every dollar spent
  • The use of CRM may increase your sales 29 percent, sales productivity by 34 percent and sales forecast ratio by 42 percent.
  • Increased outbound and inbound call tracking ratio
  • It boost your understanding of your customers’ profiles and preferences
  • It aids an enhanced marketing automation

What more do you need to plan your business growth via structured connections with clients in this trying time?

Incorporate Home Delivery Plans To Physical Products.

You will be helping your business and your customers to survive this pandemic if you can do this. There is a reason social distancing and lockdown have been initiated by government of nations. They wish to curb physical contacts and social interaction of physical sorts that could increase the spread and cross contamination of the virus. If you can therefore add a delivery option to your business via mobile and web applications, customers could be confident of purchasing your products and picking their packages up at their doorsteps. No law has been broken and your company has simply continued operations. Perfect right?!

Make Your Employees Work From Home.

There are combinations of technology products that could be used to achieve this simple but strategic goal. If it is not extremely necessary, it is better at this time to make your employees work from home. Create company’s digital media groups for information dissemination and take services as customer relations, cold calling and telephony, marketing and lots more to a completely virtual system. You could still have delivery men come to work because of their work nature, but in cases where your services can be rendered online, there should be no doubt about doing so.

Have you heard of telemedicine? Yes, medical consultation on mobile phones and video. It is trending now more than ever. E-learning has been taken to preliminary schools as well. I wouldn’t forget to inform you that some graduation ceremonies have been conducted online in a few countries recently. Why then are your employees not working from home if they can?

Create Easy Online Transaction And Payment Options.

A lot of big and medium businesses might not need to know this anymore. We expect most of them to already know how important it is. However, if you consider your business a medium or small scale and you don’t have this option yet, you need it more than ever. The new normal and a reality you may not want to hear is that most people now want to take a few scroll on their mobiles and complete financial and purchase transactions. Imagine what happens to your business if you don’t have that option at this time it has become even more pertinent. Maybe an impending death!

Take Cyber Security Seriously.

Let me remind you that desperate times create desperate people. Therefore desperate solutions have to be created for both desperate times and desperate people. Believe it when I say to you that more than ever, cybercriminals are on rampage to attack more people because they know a lot of firms are going digital owing to the strange attack we have from an unseen biological enemy.

Cyber criminals usually do not discriminate what business to attack big or small. Therefore, you have to make plans and be prepared to protect yourself while you’re setting up an automated business structure. Buy the appropriate cyber security software and tools to protect your vital information effectively. Remember that your information are exactly your business.

Conclusive Remarks.

If you have still not realized that technology is the key to business survival in 2020 owing to the odious pandemic reality upon us, you are automatically not prepared for your business growth and sustainability beyond the coronavirus year. This article comprises of carefully selected and proven ways with which you can incorporate technology into your business at this time in order to record more success. We have carefully highlighted the practices you can begin and continue to keep your business afloat of the pandemic while also creating ways to enjoy abundance in fact post pandemic.

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